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Why Choose Episcopal

Among the many decisions you face when selecting a school for your child is whether to opt for a secular or faith-based environment. And if faith-based, which approach to questions of faith and learning? Of all of the alternatives available to you, we believe an Episcopal education uniquely prepares children for the challenges of our world.


In a Christian environment that emphasizes servant leadership, an Episcopal school reminds children that they exist in relationship to God and others. They are part of a larger society that relies on their individual contributions for its betterment. The commitment required to meet such a challenge instills in children a sense of meaning and purpose to their lives and actions.


The global society in which we live calls for an increased ability to understand different cultures and differing points of view. While rooted in the Christian faith and commending faith from a Christian perspective, an Episcopal school maintains a comprehensive, inclusive community that calls on its members to understand and respect the beliefs of all. Moreover, an Episcopal approach seeks to affirm common values in the human community, even while acknowledging legitimate differences, thus becoming a safe place where children can wrestle with large issues and grow as whole and unique individuals.


Internalizing and responding to rapid change has become the norm for society in general and schools in particular. In its commitment to academic excellence, an Episcopal education stresses that we all need to continuously learn and grow. Each member of an Episcopal school community is called to intellectual integrity and encouraged to pursue questions wherever they may lead. They are challenged to develop critical faculties and value the learning and thought inherited from the past. An Episcopal school regards reason as a way to true understanding and embraces faith and spirituality as essential to exploring the human condition.

An Episcopal education is a truly holistic experience.