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Episcopal Roots

Episcopal schools are Christian communities that integrate spiritual formation into children’s education. The Baptismal Covenant calls us to seek and serve Christ in all persons and to respect the dignity of every human being. Episcopal schools place high value on reason and critical thinking, which is something that stems from their Anglican roots and contributes to Episcopal schools’ commitment to teaching without indoctrination, a trait that sets them apart from many other Christian schools.

We believe worship and character education go hand-in-hand with intellectual and social development.

Episcopal Education

The tenets of an Episcopal education include academic excellence, religious studies, worship, community service, and an inclusive community where the dignity of every human is respected.

Faith in Action

Each St. John’s student grows into a special type of leader — one who shows empathy, compassion and humility, helps others, has confidence in their beliefs, and does the right thing.

Serving the Community

At every grade level, students participate in service learning projects, from collecting teddy bears for children, to visiting assisted-living facilities, to donating supplies to the Red Cross. Students learn civic responsibility, strengthen communities, and experience the joy of making a difference.


A Special Blessing from Bishop Curry for the St. John's Community