Our students learn through practice and guidance, compassion and humility, to make the world a better place.

This is St. John’s.

A passion for learning and a passion for serving

Episcopal Roots

Ours is a community of shared values - a passion for learning and for serving. Our curriculum is intentionally infused every day with opportunities to practice integrity, compassion, respectfulness, altruism, and the courage to do the right thing. St. John’s commitment is much greater than “character education.” Our students don’t just learn these values, they adopt them into the very fiber of their beings.

Diversity and Inclusion


Service Learning



Every grade participates in a community service project.


Student-led community service initiatives


Oldest Episcopal school in Dallas


Best Service Learning Program by Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools (SAES)

Singing your heart out!

It's always a treat when David Porcheddu sings in chapel but today the music just took over the kids! This video will definitely make you smile.