preschool-3 – eighth grade independent preparatory school 

Auction 2020

Saturday, March 7, 2020
6:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Gilley’s South Side Ballroom
1135 S Lamar Street Suite 101
Dallas, TX 75215

Alright dudes and dudettes, it’s time to make like Huey Lewis and go back in time!

You are, like, totally invited to put on your coolest leg warmers and most righteous muscle shirts, break out the Aqua Net and join the Parent Association 2020 Auction as we party hardy all night long (all night!) on March 7th at Gilley’s South Side Ballroom to celebrate the most excellent decade ever - the 80's!

Whether you were a skater, jock, prep, new waver, valley girl, punk, mall chick or a dweeb to the max, it makes no difference now as we gather together to look totally boss and relive our glory days. Sweet dreams are made of nights like these, so be sure to get your tickets for this lame-o night of grody food, some hoser DJ and way cheesy vibes.

Psych! As if! It’s going to be totally sweet! There will be a rad band, gnarly bites, far out cocktails and the 80’s mall favorite - the glamour shots photo booth. Bodacious!

So grab your hoverboard or hop in your VW Rabbit and come on down to Gilley’s South Side Ballroom!


You can help us make I WANT MY ST. JOHN’S AUCTION a way excellent success by considering an opportunity for your company or your family to support the event at one of our choice sponsorship levels. Each level is offering some sweet perks!

Sponsorship Opportunities


There’s no time to take a chill pill – tickets are on sale, like, NOW! It’s no secret that this is the most righteous event of the season and you’d be totally bogus if you missed it. Enjoy our signature drink, the “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” at check-in before you cruise in on your hoverboard for a bodacious evening. There will be a rad band, gnarly bites, far out cocktails, and everyone’s 80’s mall favorite: the glamour shots photo booth. Shake it up and find yourself the perfect silent auction item – and when you do, use those Ray-Bans to play it cool while you scope out is who is looking to outbid you at the Live Auction!

Get Your Tickets


Great Scott! This is the only chance for 2 winners to receive 1/2 Off Tuition! Get your raffle tickets fast, a limited number will be for sale. Individual tickets are $125, and a 5-pack can be purchased for $500. Hurry Marty!

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Don't you forget about T-shirts! The Auction Club has been hard at work finding the softest shirts available. Whether you wear it around town or to a detention with a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal, you won't want to miss the opportunity to let everyone know that you are ready for the 80's extravaganza of the year!


With gratitude to our 2019-20 Community Partners:

Auction Sponsors

Eye of the Tiger Bar


Say Anything Step and Repeat


Mullets and Perms Photo Booth


 Hit Me With Your Best Shot Signature Cocktail


Little Red Corvette Valet


Pour Some Sugar on Me Candy Bar


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Pretty in Pink Table Decorations

The Methvin Family

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