With gratitude to our 2018-19 Community Partners:

In the East Wing with the Loaded Cocktail - $2,500 Sponsorship
Bud's Salads

In the West Wing with the Loaded Cocktail
The Newport Group

In the Hall with the Red Carpet Step and Repeat - $2,500 Sponsorship
J&J Roofing Company

In the Foyer with Mrs. Peacock(tail) - $2,000 Sponsorship
Corona Capital

In the Front Drive with the Wrench - $2,000 Sponsorship
Fruit of the Earth

In the Conservatory with the Camera - $2,000 Sponsorship
Resolves Healthcare Services

Shake, Rattle, & Roll - $1,500 Sponsorship
Heatly Custom Research LLC
Henry Patent Law Firm LLC
Leigh Hudgens, Makeup/Skin

Life Would Be a Dream - $1,000 Sponsorship
The Anne Brown Family

For She's a Jolly Good Fellow - $500 Sponsorship
Chocobo Yoga
ELN Investigations
The Nye Family
Pink Slip Gourmet
The Skarbek Family
The Turner Family

Teacher/Guest Sponsorship
The Austin Family
The Barry Family
The Benson Family
The Berg Family
The Haglin family
The Hamilton Family
The Olson Family
The Slovensky Family
The Srinivasan Family