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As part of our Episcopal Identity, St. John’s is committed to ensuring an optimal learning environment and experience for all students. To fulfill this possibility, The Lionhearted Fund was created to provide supplementary financial support beyond to the annual budget for enrolled students’ tuition, auxiliary programs, and the ancillary expenses that often create barriers between students and families and an inclusive St. John’s experience. 

The Lionhearted Fund is an evolution of Fund A Need, a past fundraising opportunity provided at the annual St. John’s Auction, and its purpose is to support enrolled families who demonstrate a need for financial support. Ultimately, the Fund will be an essential element of our overall Financial Assistance Program, providing funding for families who receive tuition assistance as well as families who cover tuition as an out-of-pocket expense but who cannot afford the cost of additional auxiliary programs or services and ancillary expenses. 

We aim to ensure that all children at St. John's have an equitable opportunity to enroll and access programs and resources that contribute to their academic success and emotional, social, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. 

The Long-Term Goal of The Lionhearted Fund is:

Whether there is an unexpected and immediate or future need, the Fund will make funds available for a student or family so that they can continue their enrollment and participation in this exceptional community. The Lionhearted Fund is made possible through generous gifts and donations from the St. John’s parents, alumni, and friends of St. John’s and will be managed and dispersed to qualified candidates by the Financial Assistance Committee comprised of School admissions and finance personnel.  

By supporting the Lionhearted Fund, parents are:

Investing in St. John’s Students

By contributing to the long-term financial goals of the School, donors help to ensure that the institution can support a comprehensive St. John’s experience for all students, regardless of financial ability. While not all enrolled students will need financial assistance, contributing to The Lionhearted Fund helps to stabilize greater impacts on the annual operations budget and focuses on financial strategy of affordability for all families. 

Building Friendships and Community

Supporting The Lionhearted Fund allows donors to bring the community closer together and ensures that all St. John’s students and families find a place of belonging.

Supporting Extracurricular Programs

The Lionhearted Fund reaches beyond the classroom and provides for students’ participation in St. John’s extra-curricular activities including educational about cultures and heritages, field trips, and student organizations. 

Fostering Philanthropy and Community Contribution

Supporting the Lionhearted Fund is an opportunity for donors to pay it forward so that all students receive a foundational education that fosters learning, spiritual enrichment, confidence, and growth for children.

Tuition Assistance for Qualified Families 

We recognize the cost of an independent school education requires a financial commitment from families. St. John’s strives to assist as many families as possible. The awards are based on circumstances unique to each family, and the process takes into account many variables. 

Financial Determination  

We partner with FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment, a third-party professional corporation to accept and process the data necessary for the school's tuition assistance committee to assess appropriate need. This ensures applicant confidentiality and enables the committee to make award decisions based on complete financial information. The recommendations provided by FACTS offer us a guideline to follow when making awards. 

Examples of programs and opportunities supported by the Lionhearted Fund:

  • School uniforms  

  • School lunches   

  • Primary and Lower School Extended Day fees 

  • Middle School Homework Club fees   

  • Student activity fees for trips and related gear expenses  

  • Middle School ISEE student prep for high school applications 

  • St. John’s spirit shirts for spirit days/Games Day  

  • School athletics team uniforms and related gear expenses 

  • All-school, grade-level parent events  

  • Additional learning support expenses  

  • And other programs that are part of the robust and inclusive St. John’s experience

Please reach out to Chief Advancement Officer Diana Hamilton to learn more about supporting The Lionhearted Fund. For information about how contributions are allocated by the Financial Assistance Committee, please contact Chief Enrollment Management Officer Michael Via.