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Endowments and Funds

Endowment funds are permanent funds invested to provide income for St. John's long-term stability and strength. By making an endowed gift, you leave a lasting legacy and demonstrate an important commitment to the current and future needs of our school.

Teacher Endowment

The St. John's Teacher Endowment Fund was established in 1995 to provide the school with a continuing source of income for teacher salaries and benefits.

Making a donation to the Teacher Endowment Fund in honor of any wonderful past or present teachers at St. John's, is a gift for teaching. It not only shows our gratitude for the impact teachers have on students' lives, it continues their legacy, ensuring that for years to come, students will experience the wealth of benefits derived from educators who have a gift for teaching. 

Give a Gift for Teaching

Financial and Special Purpose Endowment Funds

Dorothy Patterson Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Dorothy Patterson Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1981 by Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cook in memory of Dorothy Patterson, the original first grade teacher at St. John's. The fund was created to provide financial assistance to students who would not otherwise be able to receive an independent school education and to families faced with unexpected hard times.

St. John's Student Library Endowment

The St. John's Student Library Endowment was established by the Huff family to provide a continuing source of income for library enhancements, author visits and additional books.

Please contact Chief Advancement Officer Diana Hamilton to learn more or to donate to one or more of these funds.

St. John’s Episcopal School has four endowments that we rely on our community to help us continue to grow. These endowments provide a steady source of income to ensure St. John’s has the financial stability and ability to fulfill its mission, both now and for years to come. Endowment funds are not spent in full each year, but rather the interest of the invested funds is partially spent and partially re-invested. Our endowments include the St. John’s Diversity Endowment Fund, Dorothy Patterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, St. John’s Student Library Endowment, and the Teacher Endowment Fund.