Alumni and Alumni Parents

We're so glad you're back for a visit! Whether you've been gone five years or 55, you are our best ambassador, and we want to share your story. We have several ways for you to keep in touch:

  • Attend a reunion - or consider organizing your own!
  • Catch up with us on Facebook -- search for "St. John's Episcopal School Alumni (Dallas, Texas)"
  • Volunteer at the school
  • Attend special events like Carnival, the Booster Club Classic Golf Tournament or the Parents Association's annual Auction
  • Serve as a representative for your class and help everyone keep in touch
  • Host or help organize an alumni activity
  • Serve as a professional resource to recent college graduates. Tell us if you're interested in serving.
  • Contribute to the St. John's Fund by joining the "give us ten" club; read the letter from our alumni chair to learn more
  • Come for a visit! If you haven't been to the St. John's campus recently, you'll see a beautiful outdoor classroom, a state of the art IDEA Lab, and a community garden. Contact Abby Kitto at 214-328-9131 x164 to set up a visit.

Stay In Touch

What's up? Send us your latest contact info and tell us what you've been doing!