2017-18 Middle School Basketball

Coaches' recap

St. John's fielded ten basketball teams this year, and all coaches and players should be proud of their hard work, skills development and team spirit.

Texas Association of Private Schools (TAPS)

TAPS Girls

The TAPS team consisted mainly of eighth graders with a lone seventh grade point guard. The Girls had a fantastic season. There were some ups and downs, but the team ended with a strong performance, defeating Shelton in the semifinals and Providence in a fourth quarter comeback by four points in the TAPS championship. Their defensive abilities made trouble for every opponent that they faced, and teams found out fairly quickly that games against SJES would be low scoring affairs. Congratulations to them on a great season.

TAPS Boys - Blue

Coach Walkers’ TAPS boys blue team consisted of eighth graders and one seventh grader. They finished the season with a record of 7 – 4. Lost in the semifinals in a tightly contested very close game. During the season, they came in second place in the Good Shepherd/Hockaday winter tournament, beating Prince of Peace and Greenhill before losing a close game to ESD in the finals. Have picture

TAPS Boys - Gold

The TAPS boys gold team consisted of seventh and eighth graders. They finished the season 9 – 2, entering the playoffs as the number two seed, then won each playoff game by more than 20 points. In the finals, they beat Good Shepherd, a very strong team, by 24 points. Four of the five regular starters will return next year and hope to repeat as champions, says Coach Walker.

Independent Athletic Association (IAA)

IAA Girls

This year's IAA seventh grade girls basketball team was a repeat of “greatness,” describes Coach Nevitt, considering the entire MAL team from last year returned plus two more stellar student-athletes. Much of our team personality, focus and effort was driven by the girls’ love of being together and playing together. The girls had many great moments during the season, and by the end of the season they were playing high-level basketball that was both entertaining and inspiring to watch.

IAA Boys

Under the direction of Coach DelRegno, the IAA boys team was comprised of seventh and eighth graders. Coach praised his tough group of boys who played with much resiliency. He added that he witnessed a lot of team and personal growth throughout the season. He congratulates the graduating eighth graders for a hard-fought season, and looks forward to seeing what the current seventh graders will do when they return next year.

Metro Athletic League (MAL)

Fifth Grade Girls

If Coach Freyenberger had a motto for the fifth grade girls’ basketball team, it would be “Never Give Up.” The team faced challenging games and had several close scores, but the girls held their heads up high and fought through. This group of girls grew a lot in one season. Taking on new positions and mastering the zone defense are just two examples of the growth. Coach looks forward to seeing what these girls will do in the 2018-19 season.

Fifth Grade Boys - White

The fifth grade boys “white” team, along with Coach Nevitt, had a very successful 2017-18 campaign. From the first practice, the boys showed themselves to be a strong, unified group that worked hard and loved playing the game. These characteristics ended up defining their entire season, and allowed them opportunities to achieve greatness. Their style of play was fierce on the defensive end, mixed aggressive creativity on the offensive. This combination made them tough to beat and fun to watch. The boys were great ambassadors for St. John's athletics and should look forward to their St. John's basketball futures.

Fifth Grade Boys - Blue

The fifth grade boys "blue" team, along with Coach Herrin, had a productive season. Everyone who played grew stronger as the year went on. Despite often playing against older and larger opponents, they never wavered, gave up, or complained. They showed great resilience and competitiveness in a tough league.

Sixth Grade Girls

Coach Darnell’s sixth grade girls had a successful season. The girls got better with each game and really learned a lot throughout the season. The girls’ regular season record was 4-7, but the record doesn’t represent how successful the girls were all season long. We had some girls that were nervous to even play at the beginning of the season and by the end of the season, they were begging to go in to play. In the playoffs the girls lost a very close game, by one point, to end the season.

Sixth Grade Boys

The sixth grade boys team started the season very strong. According to Coach Darnell, it seemed as if each game someone different had a chance to step up and make plays for the team when needed. There were several games during which everyone on the team scored at least once. The boys’ regular season record was 10-1. In the playoffs, they had a first round bye, and then won in the quarter finals. Unfortunately, the season came to an end in the semi-finals with the loss of a very close game.