SST Speaker Series


The Student Support Team (SST) Speaker Series brings an exciting mix of programs related to raising healthy children and young adults. These free speaker series are open to St. John's parents as well as the broader Dallas community. Space is limited and advanced registration is required.

Upcoming Guest Speaker

We are pleased to welcome Debra Moore on January 25th and January 26th. She will be offering two sessions for parents with students in the 3rd- 8th grade. We encourage parents to attend both and/or one session or the other.

Bio: Debra Moore, M.A.

Debra Moore has devoted most of her professional life to education, initially as an English instructor for grades 6 through college, and, since 1993, as a consultant helping adults and teenagers achieve their goals. In 2002, she opened her own consulting and coaching business.

Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder at age 38, Debra has written a number of articles for regional and national periodicals, has co-authored, and edited books on ADD management (ADD Quick Tips), spelling and writing skills for primary grades (Most Wanted Words), and communication skills (Teenage Connection).

Clutter and Clocks: Strategies for Success

6:00-7:00PM January 25, 2017
Clements Hall
  • Does your child misplace homework before turning it in?
  • Is your child having trouble finding things in their backpack, desk, and/ or locker?
  • Lastly, has your child not opened their planner all year?

This parent workshop is ideal for those who want to help their child to get and stay organized as well as manage time effectively. Debra will teach practical strategies for children that struggle with organization skills. Strategies will include visual and spatial organization systems and steps for establishing and achieving goals. These tactics, whether applied at home or in the classroom, will help children perform to their abilities and function more efficiently. In addition, Debra will present fundamental thinking skills for how to implement and maintain strategies; you will also get to practice these skills during the workshop!

Get Smart! Study Skills to Improve Performance

12:00-1:00PM January 26, 2017
Clements Hall
  • Does your child study for hours and then fail the test?
  • Has your child only been using one study method?
  • Is your child often confused on how or what to study?

Over the course of our lifetimes, most people use only one study skill: repetition. While this single method may work for some individuals, many of us (especially children with short attention spans) find it difficult or even impossible to learn with this method. Debra will review a variety of techniques for learning, including using visual, tactile, and auditory approaches. In addition, she will discuss the difference between memory and cognition and their influence on learning. You will learn practical strategies for improving study skills, such as how to take notes and the best study methods for different types of materials/tests.

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All events will be held at St. John's Episcopal School*.
848 Harter Rd.
Dallas TX, 75214

*Unless noted otherwise.

For more information, please email Dr. Staci Bloom for more information.