Support Services

At St. John’s, we meet students where they are and take them as far as they can go. To help us on the journey, we have a Student Support Team (SST) focused on students’ learning, social and emotional, and spiritual needs. Each division has an SST consisting of the counselor, learning specialist, and division head. When teachers or parents have concerns about a student, they can make a referral to the SST. A member of the team will typically observe the student, and the team will meet with the referring teacher to brainstorm the best course of action. The outcome may be a parent meeting, a recommendation for a psychoeducational assessment, tutoring, counseling, a behavior plan or checklist, or simply monitoring the student closely. The SST also presents and coordinates outside professionals to speak to teachers and parents on social, emotional, and learning topics.


Our school counselor, Dr. Staci Bloom, a licensed psychologist, helps us maintain a healthy social and emotional environment at school. Her role includes conducting short-term counseling sessions with students, assisting with crisis intervention, providing classroom guidance lessons, and coordinating social emotional learning and wellness events for students. Dr. Bloom participates in both the lower and middle school student support team. She acts as a resource for faculty members and parents by providing guidance on managing students’ particular issues of behavior, emotions, and mental health. Lastly, Dr. Bloom functions as a liaison between the school and any mental health professional, and she serves as a referral source for outside professionals.

Dr. Bloom works with Chaplain Fr. Steele to create the curriculum for our school-wide, weekly Chapel Applied classes, during which teachers reinforce the week’s chapel themes with small-group character education discussions.In addition, Dr. Bloom and Fr. Thorpe facilitate Buddy Days throughout the year.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please contact Dr. Bloom.

Learning Support

St. John’s enrolls diverse learners, including some with diagnosed learning differences. We have two learning specialists to support these students and others who may need extra academic support. Marianne Miller and Amy Fulmer focus on helping faculty identify lower school students at-risk for learning differences and ensures middle school students with documented learning differences receive the in-class accommodations they need to be most successful. Both Marianne and Amy participate in divisional student support teams, assist families with accessing appropriate support systems, coordinate on-campus tutors and therapists, and provide support and information to teachers. If you have academic or learning concerns about your child, or are interested in seeking a psycho-educational assessment, please contact one of the learning specialists:


Marianne Miller
214-328-9131 Extension 129

On Campus: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Amy Fulmer
214-328-9131 Extension 223

On Campus: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Fr. Chris Steele guides us in the fulfillment of our spiritual mission to educate students in a Christian environment. We worship together as a community (first through eighth grade) each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesdays, Fr. Steele leads a chapel service specific to Lower School students, and on Thursdays, he leads one for Middle School students. On their non-chapel day, students work with their homeroom teachers (Lower School) or advisors (Middle School) on small-group Chapel Applied lessons that focus on character development.

Fr. Steele also teaches the seventh and eighth grade religion elective and coordinates the school’s Episcopal Schools Sunday, Christmas, Easter and other celebrations.

Through his work, Fr. Steele embodies the five tenets of Episcopal education to which we, as a school, are committed:

  • Academic excellence
  • Corporate worship (Episcopal/Christian chapel)
  • Religious studies based on basic Biblical content
  • Meaningful and integrated community service and service learning projects
  • An inclusive community where the dignity of every human being is respected.