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Lower School

Students develop a strong academic foundation and are taught with a “growth mindset approach” allowing students to dream big, make and learn from mistakes and work hard to achieve goals.

In first through fourth grades, our students are practicing and mastering a higher level of academic challenge while still experiencing the joy and wonder of learning. Teachers intentionally design hands-on experiences and direct lessons to provoke thinking, engage conversations, foster relationships and connect ideas and concepts. Our curriculum builds upon the foundational skills of literacy and mathematical thinking. Students continue to practice and master these skills while tackling concepts at a deeper level.

A combined focus on learning collaboratively and gaining individual skills helps students to understand concepts deeply. Students explore and come to understand the relationship between exercising freedom and taking responsibility. We invite students to make choices and then to reflect on them. We expect children to be respectful and considerate of others, to balance the needs of others with the needs of self, and to work collaboratively with a wide range of individuals.

Throughout our curriculum, teachers encourage creative problem solving, collaboration, and independent thinking. Just as important, through the use of class discussion, teachable moments and individual attention, our faculty nurtures the well-being of our students' social, emotional and behavioral growth.

Curriculum by Grade

First Grade Curriculum

Second Grade Curriculum

Third Grade Curriculum

Fourth Grade Curriculum