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Language Arts 

Our youngest learners engage with literacy through fiction and non-fiction texts, poems, charts, story retells, and teacher read-alouds, allowing children to make connections to the real world while building early literacy skills such as print concepts, picture/text connections, and phonemic awareness. The Phonics Dance and Handwriting Without Tears curricula are multi-level programs that incorporate rhyme, movement, and chants, which help young children connect their visual knowledge of letters to their letter sounds while developing emerging literacy skills.

Math and Number Sense Skills 

Preschool math center activities incorporate a hands-on approach, which affords students the opportunity to explore mathematical relationships and develop problem-solving and reasoning skills in the most natural way. Students build their numeracy skills through identification of numbers (1-10), verbal counting, sorting, ordering, assigning, building, patterning, and developing one-to-one correspondence.


For young children, science is all about life, experiences, explorations, and discoveries. Providing hands on investigation opportunities for preschoolers helps promote critical thinking skills and allows students the opportunity to learn more about their world. Preschool students learn about earth, life, and physical sciences through books, explorations, inquiries, and investigations.

Physical Development  

Throughout the year, our preschool students learn to manage and take control of their bodies, becoming more aware of what their bodies can do. With encouragement and support, preschoolers develop and learn self-helps skills, becoming more independent with daily tasks. Daily gross- and fine-motor skills activities help strengthen and build muscles, muscle memory, stamina, body awareness, and control.