Primary School

Our Pre-k and Kindergarten program is designed to harness the natural curiosity and joy in children. Teachers create a nurturing classroom environment where children feel secure to explore, engage and learn.


Our youngest students are exposed to a wide variety of materials and hands-on activities to develop literacy and mathematical thinking. Pre-k and Kindergarten students have regular time for science, Spanish, art, music and library which is critical to the integrated curriculum and physical education is a part of each school day.

Social Development

During these formative years children learn about themselves through social interactions. Our program provides many opportunities throughout the school day for children to interact with peers and adults. Through connections with classmates, children develop a more complex understanding of social relationships. They establish a sense of trust and well-being as they learn to share space, materials, friends and teachers.


Play is an integral part the learning process for young children. Through both self-directed and structured activities, teachers facilitate natural opportunities for children to practice literacy and math skills in meaningful and contextual ways. Play also serves as the means through which children develop higher-order thinking skills foundational to later academic success such as planning, organization, and problem solving.