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Dramatic Arts

Students blend creative expression with academic understanding through their work on integrated performing arts projects. They practice storytelling skills, public speaking, teamwork, and perspective-taking as they collaborate on theatrical class projects to write stories, develop characters, and assume roles. Our students learn how to project their voices and to use non-verbal tools to convey emotions. They develop self-confidence and grow in appreciation of each other's contributions to a final production.

In seventh and eighth grades, students may choose to take the Theatre Showcase electives, which immerse them in all aspects of stage performance. Each quarter, students select a theme for the showcase and then explore music, movement, and acting techniques, in addition to costuming, makeup, and set design. The quarter closes with a group performance before an audience. In eighth grade, students take a second semester musical class in which they are responsible for staging and performing a class musical. Whether eighth graders opt for on- or off-stage roles, this grade-level musical affords them a final opportunity to celebrate each other's strengths and work together toward a common goal before graduation.