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The Arts

Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts program allows students to speak through their art, whether drawing, printmaking, painting, weaving or sculpting.

As they develop a strong foundation of basic skills, our curriculum build continues to enable students to take on more complex projects.



Dramatic Arts

Our dramatic arts program rests on the fundamentals of performance-based, creative learning. Through theatre, students uncover ideas, emotions, and creativity.
They learn new ways of looking at problems and different ways of expressing themselves. Students learn to speak clearly and confidently while working as part of an ensemble and as individual performers.



Children naturally respond to music as singers, players, dancers, listeners, and creators.

At St. John's, we cultivate this inherent response with a consistent approach to teaching music, which provides students with aural, vocal, and instrumental practice from Preschool through early adolescence.


Artists in Residence

At St. John's our students have an extraordinary opportunity to learn from Artists in Residence from their classrooms on campus. In our Primary, Lower, and Middle School arts programs, we create a joyful atmosphere that encourages risk-taking and helps students grow in self-confidence as they develop their artistic skills. Students learn to be keen observers, and they hone their ability to describe what they see. They practice keeping the beat, differentiate between sounds, explore vocal registers, and accompany singing with instruments. They work together on integrated arts projects within the classroom, reinforcing a sense of responsibility to one another. Ultimately, they produce and perform a junior musical. We emphasize the process students experience as they create artistic work, rather than solely the end product.

Martin Delabano
Artist in Residence
Middle School Art Teacher

Denise Brown
Artist in Residence
Lower School Art Teacher

Donna Knox
Artist in Residence
Primary School Art Teacher

Payton Lauerman
Middle School Drama Teacher

Megan Nasser
Lower School Music Teacher