In both the Lower School and Middle School art programs, our primary goal is to create a joyful and exciting atmosphere while nurturing a students’ appreciation of their own abilities. Our emphasis is on the process that children experience as they complete visual artistic work, rather than solely on the end product. In music and performing arts, we develop a sense of responsibility and the joy of being part of an ensemble, and teach about the varied aspects of the world of music.

Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts program allows students to speak through their art, whether drawing, print-making, painting, weaving or sculpting. As students develop a strong foundation of basic skills, our curriculum builds on these skills, enabling them to take on more complex projects.

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Dramatic Arts

Our Integrated Drama program brings theater into the classroom, mixing creativity and academics. As students become immersed in their characters, they play different roles, improve speaking skills, learn about character development, and write and produce original works.

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Children naturally respond to music, as singers, players, dancers, listeners and creators. At St. John's, we cultivate this inherent response with an integrated approach to teaching music, which increases engagement and cognitive abilities. Students learn tone, rhythm, music literacy, vocals and instrumental music.

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