Our students are prepared for their choice of high school and college. But here, that’s not enough. Our students are also inspired for life.

The Difference Between Excellent Preparation and an Extraordinary Education

Early Childhood

St. John's seeks to prepare each student not only for a successful high school career, but also for a rich meaningful life that includes respect for and service to others. Here, you'll find students who are challenged to reach their highest potential and who graduate to attend the area's best schools as knowledgeable, articulate, confident and morally responsible young adults.

Lower School

Middle School


Our Approach

At St. John’s, we have intentionally designed the pre-k through eighth grade journey to maximize each child’s foundation of knowledge, courage, leadership, and service.



Graduates get accepted into one of their top two high schools


Field trips in a year


Faculty trained in Project Based Learning


Every grade participates in a community service project