Social and Emotional Well-being

Creating and maintaining a healthy campus environment is an essential responsibility, and attending to our students' social and emotional well-being is a key part of that charge. We are mindful that current circumstances have introduced uncertainty and a lack of control into children’s lives, and children are responding to their environments in myriad ways. To meet students’ and families’ needs, we have restructured and expanded our student support services, a move that gives us ready access to more in-depth resources as we care for students’ social and emotional health. If you need help, please find the following resources.

Student Support Services 

Student Formation

To provide a more robust student support program, we welcome Jane Hensley, LPC, to the St. John's team as Interim Director of Student Formation. In this new role that will guide the Student Formation Team’s work in the areas of counseling, learning support, service learning, worship and pastoral care, social and emotional learning, and nursing. Mrs. Hensley will also serve as counselor, providing immediate on-site counseling. In addition, she will assist families with referrals for clinical care through the School's new partnership with The Housson Center and other local mental health professionals.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support Team remains committed to assisting students who have diagnosed learning differences. Whether learning takes place on campus or remotely, the Learning Support Team will be available to families. For risk mitigation purposes, tutors, therapists, or third-party program providers will not be permitted on campus. Mrs. Fulmer will provide families with guidelines for requesting tutoring room reservations for eligible children to meet virtually with these providers.

Social and Emotional Learning

Partnerships with The Housson Center and the Institute for Social and Emotional Learning (IFSEL), we will continue nurturing the growth of an inclusive community where the dignity of every human being is respected through social and emotional learning and advisory programming. Our work with The Housson Center and IFSEL will help prepare us to meet students where they are when they return to School - whether on campus or at home. Parenting for the Present, a Housson Center partnership, will also provide educational programming for St. John’s parents.


As described in the Health and Safety section, we met significant health and safety standards when we returned to campus. To do so, our clinic footprint will expanded to include separate well and sick entrances and rooms, as well as two isolation rooms. We have also hired additional clinic staff.


The chapel experience is foundational to a St. John’s education and will remain so. Our chaplain, Mr. Porcheddu, and early childhood chaplain, Mrs. Newsom, will create chapel experiences that adhere to health and safety protocols while attending to the spiritual enrichment of our students. We continue to monitor directives about in-person worship from the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, the National Association of Episcopal Schools, and the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools, and we will evaluate our plans as we receive new information.