School-Wide Procedures

Our approach to risk reduction is a layered defense in which we take many individual steps to contribute to a healthier on-campus environment.

Reducing Contacts

Throughout the school day, everyone on campus will practice physical distancing and adhere to the following guidelines to reduce contact with others. 

  • Student arrival and dismissal times will be staggered.
  • SchoolPass will allow for contactless management of student arrival, dismissal, and carpool. Parents will receive instructions about setting up a family account and managing their children’s attendance.
  • School employees, rather than Middle School students, will assist with morning carpool while avoiding physical contact with arriving students.
  • Everyone will practice physical distancing in classrooms.
  • To begin the school year, faculty will rotate between classrooms for most classes, and students will remain in their classrooms throughout the day.
  • Supplies and resources will not be shared between students.
  • Locker rooms will be closed, and students will not dress out for P.E.
  • No tutors, therapists, or third-party program providers will be permitted on campus. We will provide parents with guidelines for requesting tutoring room reservations for eligible children to meet virtually with these providers.
  • Campus visitors will not be permitted except for business purposes.
  • Items may not be dropped off for students with the receptionist.

Reducing Group Sizes

Our efforts to reduce group sizes to support the health and well-being of the community while on campus include: 

  • Students will be assigned one of six entry doors and will be welcomed individually into the building to maintain physical distance.
  • Signage will indicate indoor walking paths as one-way.
  • Students and teachers will eat lunch in classrooms.
  • Fall day and overnight trips will be eliminated.
  • Students will be permitted to use the restrooms in limited numbers.
  • Students will be allowed to have their backpacks in classrooms.
  • Recess groupings will be reduced, and students will rotate between play areas throughout the week. 

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

We will have a day porter on campus to sanitize surfaces throughout the day, including playground equipment.

Employees will complete Special Considerations for Infection Control in Child Care Settings during COVID-19, a course offered by Texas A&M Agrilife Extension.