Middle School Schedule and Cohorts


Middle School students will enter through assigned Middle School, cafeteria, and Main Gym doors. For dismissal, all Middle School students will remain in classrooms until notified by SchoolPass that their cars have arrived, at which time they will exit through the Middle School carpool doors.


  • Students arrive between 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. and depart at 3:30 p.m. Academic instruction begins at 8:00 a.m.
  • Students will follow an A-B day block schedule with longer class periods to leverage in-person time with teachers and to reduce the number of transitions in a school day. Learning will be structured as weekly modules, meaning assigned work will take place over the course of a week rather than only on days when a class meets. Students’ schedules will be in effect regardless of where learning takes place – on campus or at home.
  • Students will eat lunch in classrooms with their advisories. Weather permitting, advisories will rotate through outdoor recess areas (e.g., field, playground) throughout the week.


There will be four advisories per grade level; to begin the school year, we plan for students to attend most of their classes with the advisory. Two advisories per grade level will form a cohort to enable the re-grouping of students for instruction in classes such as world language. If we find it to be in students’ best interest, we will revise cohort groupings in January.

Middle School Schedule Examples

Middle School students will receive a schedule that is similar to their grade-level example below. There will be four variations of a grade-level’s schedule (one per advisory). Classes are assigned to 80-minute periods on A or B day, with four class periods per day. Other rotations include fifth and sixth grade art and music, which rotate each semester, as well as fifth grade world language and seventh/eighth grade enrichments, both of which rotate at mid-semester. The Lions Day Community period will be used for Hall Meetings, leadership group meetings, and clubs, which will be held virtually to promote participation by all students and to meet physical distancing needs. The Office Hours period will be a study hall during which students may connect with teachers via Teams for additional assistance.

Students who participate in the At Home learning model will follow their regular schedule. They will join Microsoft Teams calls for morning advisory activities. They will also join Teams calls at the beginning of each class period; however, At Home learners will not necessarily be on Teams calls for the full duration of a class. When whole-class instruction ends, At Home learners will disconnect from the call to proceed with working on their weekly learning module for the class. Instead of joining a Teams call for P.E., At Home learners will connect in grade-level groups with an assigned learning coach to ensure they are progressing through the week’s work. At Home learners will also join Teams calls to participate in Community and Office Hours.

Fifth Grade Sample Schedule

Sixth grade sample schedule

seventh grade sample schedule

eighth grade sample schedule