Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees at St. John’s Episcopal School is a dedicated team of current and past parents, parishioners of St. John’s Episcopal Church, and community members. We are grateful for their time and expertise in advancing St. John’s Episcopal School. They form a vision, develop strategies and determine tactics in order to fulfill the mission of the school both short- and long-term. They are also responsible for employing the head of school, securing the school’s resources, and setting policy. Guided by strong by-laws and best practices in independent school governance, the board functions primarily through standing committees and task forces.

Our trustees are:

  • Deidre Bacala
  • Darin Breedlove
  • Carissa Brown
  • Audra Chavis
  • Derek Claybrook
  • John DeGroote, Parliamentarian
  • Arturo Del Castillo
  • Bobby DeVilbiss
  • Shannon DeVilbiss, Ex-Officio
  • Melissa Eakes, President
  • Jill Elliott, Secretary
  • Tiffany Fleckenstein
  • The Rev'd David Houk, Rector
  • Todd Howard
  • William McDaniel, Treasurer
  • Amy Martin
  • Meshea Matthews, Ex-Officio
  • Scott Parks
  • Jennifer Sharpe, Vice President
  • Wade Wiles

Standing Committees

Much of the Board of Trustees' work is completed in committees and task forces. Standing committees focus on key, ongoing or administrative matters and allow the Board to fulfill its oversight role. A task force is designed to focus on a particular issue or initiative and typically disbands once its task is complete. Members for both include trustees, parents and community members. Please contact the Board president if you are interested in participating on a Board committee or task force.

Executive Committee

Works with the Head of School on her goals and evaluates the Head's performance.

Audit Committee

The Audit Subcommittee is formed annually by the Executive Committee and oversees the independent audit process as well as implementation of recommendations from the management letter.

Advancement Committee

Supports the advancement of the school's mission through a variety of programs; in particular, this committee coordinates all school-related fundraising activities.

Governance Committee

Develops and communicates candidate criteria for Board membership. Continually educates all Board and committee members.

Finance Committee

Prepares the school's budget, reviews monthly financial statements and considers other school-related financial matters.

Property & Insurance Subcommittee

Responsible for all insurance covering the school and oversees the maintenance, repair and improvements of the school's building and grounds.

Task Force Committees

Diversity task force

The Diversity Task Force was created in November 2016 by the Executive Committee to help define and articulate how St. John’s might manifest and grow a culture of diversity and inclusivity.

Head of School Transition Committee

The Transition Committee was formed following the announcement of the selection of Meshea Matthews as the new Head of School and will continue its work through the end of her first year of service in June 2020. Knowing the St. John’s community will be eager to meet and engage with the new Head, the Committee will provide updates regarding planned activities and events as details are finalized. Committee membership includes representatives from the Board of Trustees and the faculty and staff. It is chaired by Scott Parks.