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Welcome to St. John’s Episcopal School

More than 60 years ago St. John’s began as a small, parish school nestled in the hills of one of Dallas’ premier outdoor destinations, White Rock Lake. Today, we are a vibrant, independent, Episcopal school serving hundreds of families from across the city, and our innovative instruction extends beyond our backyard of White Rock Lake and into the greater Dallas area.  


Student Formation

Following the St. John's Code, we foster a positive culture of belonging and accountability and inspire students from a variety of backgrounds who possess a range of talents and interests.


St. John's students are challenged to reach their highest potential and graduate to attend the area's best schools as knowledgeable, articulate, confident and morally responsible young adults.


We emphasize the process that children experience as they complete visual artistic work, rather than solely on the end product.


St. John's athletics program is developmentally and instructionally suitable for the individual child and designed to offer a variety of experiences to meet the needs of students with varied abilities and talents. 

I am respectful.

Through our words and actions, St. John’s students and teachers are courteous and treat others with dignity and offer respect for ideas, opinions, and feelings – even when they may differ from their own. Respect is foundational in the development of character, and a pillar of our Code that unifies our community based on a feeling of appreciation and admiration for others and oneself.

I am responsible.

Guided by thoughtful judgment and a duty to serve others, St. John’s is a community of conscientious learners dedicated to a lifelong discovery of purpose. When discussing responsibility as a community, we are taking responsibility for one’s belongings, work, and actions and the responsibility we have to each other as a community. We are all called to live out our faith and hold the instructions close given to each of us: love one another, serve one another, be kind to one another, carry one another, and encourage one another.

I am honest.

St. John’s students and faculty demonstrate the lionhearted value of honesty by possessing strong morals and ethical principles. As we move through our lives, we learn from experience that while it may seem easier to take the path of least resistance, especially when we think others are not watching, our true character is built when we are honest with ourselves first. We are deliberate with our time and attention and teach our students the value of honesty, by first living out our faith through the demonstration of forgiveness and restoration. We reflect with students on their choices, providing them a different path during times of uncertainty or when they make misguided decisions. We ask all members of the community to model honesty in their work and actions every day and we are a safe place to grow when we fall short.

I care.

Past, present, and future, St. John's is a community of individuals that prides itself on the care for oneself and the well-being of others. We scaffold our approach to prioritize the needs of our students, looking at each individual student, while seeking balance in the development of the whole child. We practice care by observing, listening, and being present, so as to create an intentional and worthwhile experience for every student.

Life at St. John’s

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