World Languages

German class

St. Johnís believes that the study of a world language is an integral part of preparing students to function effectively in a world community made smaller and more interdependent daily. World languages are taught at every grade level and seek to develop in its students a knowledge and appreciation of foreign languages and cultures.

Pre-k through Fourth Grade

Through Spanish instruction in Lower School, St. Johnís seeks to impart a love for learning a world language and an awareness and appreciation for Spanish culture and its societal contributions.

In pre-k through second grade, Spanish is taught twice a week for 30 minutes per class. In third and fourth grades, Spanish is taught twice a week for 45 minutes per class in order to allow additional time for grammar, reading, and writing. The focus at the lower grades is to build studentsí interest and confidence in speaking and listening in Spanish. Classes are structured to allow students to encounter the language through a variety of activities: songs, games, books, crafts, and other tactile experiences. Basic communication in the target language continues to be an ongoing part of every dayís classroom activities at all levels, and conversations between students, their peers, and their teacher become more interactive, lengthy, and involved at the end of Lower School.

Fifth Grade

In fifth grade, students are given the opportunity to sample German, French, and Spanish during each trimester. This process allows students, along with their parents, to make an informed decision about which world language they will specialize in throughout the rest of their education at St. Johnís.

Sixth through Eighth Grade

From sixth through eighth grade, St. Johnís offers a choice of French, German, or Spanish. The opportunity for students to select between three foreign languages taught by native speakers at the Middle School level is unique and sets St. John's apart from other Dallas area schools.

In sixth grade, language classes meet four times a week for 45 minutes per class. In seventh and eighth grade, language becomes a core subject attended daily for 45 minutes.

Students who pass through the world language program should reach written and oral proficiency, acquire an understanding of the heritage and cultural values of native language speakers, and develop lifelong strategies applicable to the study of languages and cultures.

Students graduating from St. Johnís have an opportunity to place out of entry world language requirements at their selected high school.