Student in art class

Visual and performing arts are a significant part of a St. John's education. Walk through the halls of our school and you will see walls alive with student artwork. On any given day, you will overhear students rehearsing for a musical or classroom production in Clements Performance Hall.

Our arts curriculum empowers students to become astute observers, own the learning process and develop an early appreciation for the arts.

Visual Arts

With an emphasis on self-expression and process rather than product, the art curriculum challenges students to speak through their art. Just as language is our spoken and written means of communication, art allows us to communicate visually and is a form of self-expression that can be seen, felt and even “listened to.” The visual arts program at St. John's teaches students to be better observers on all levels, and encourages them to visually communicate what they feel.

The program is led by Mrs. Denise Brown, pre-k through fourth grade, and Mr. Martin Delabano, fifth through eighth grade. Both are working artists who show in galleries and are represented in the permanent collections of several museums throughout Texas. Their personal artwork and skills inform their teaching and help them lead by example. It's not uncommon to see one of them drawing on a SMART Board as students follow their lead.


The St. John's music program is led by Mrs. Jean Haynes and Ms. Megan Clowe. Following the Orff and Kodaly philosophies of music education, the program emphasizes the development of a lifelong appreciation for music in our students. Pre-k through sixth grade students participate in music classes each trimester. Seventh and eighth grade students may choose to study music by selecting from a variety of music-related electives.