Spiritual Life

Students in chapel

Our patron, St. John the Baptist, reminds us of our call to proclaim the coming of Christ. In keeping with our motto, Parate viam Domini - Prepare the way of the Lord, we offer several ways for our students to discover and develop their lives in Christ.


Our kindergarten through eighth grade students participate in a form of chapel each school day. We worship together on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, thus beginning and ending the week gathered as a community. On those days, we also celebrate birthday blessings in chapel. On Fridays, students wear dress uniforms, and we celebrate Eucharist with communion for those who receive and a blessing for those who do not. We invite parents to join us for chapel at any time. It's a wonderful experience to see and hear the students worshipping together.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, separate chapels by division (Lower School and Middle School) enable us to design experiences more suited to the children’s different ages and maturity levels. Lower School students gather in the church first thing in the morning, allowing us to prepare a chapel program specific to their needs. On one of those days, Middle School students have their own chapel service; on the other, they gather in their advisories to follow a curriculum tied to topics from the week's chapel program.

This chapel format allows us to create a more meaningful learning experience for all ages, while helping us more fully strengthen the character and enrich the spirit of each student in a Christian environment, as charged by our mission.

Student Participation

Each child, third grade and older, has an opportunity to be the Crucifer, and as students move through Middle School other leadership roles arise: serving as acolytes, reading the daily lessons and leading the prayers at the Friday Eucharist. Students may also sing in the sacred choir, led by chapel organist Mary Preston.

Our Middle School faculty works with the rector and chaplain to encourage the students' creative involvement in chapel, with students participating in chapel skits, an annual Passion play during Holy Week and the end-of-year Sheepfold chapel service, a traditional ceremony wishing eighth graders farewell.

Godly Play

Pre-k and kindergarten students receive weekly Godly Play instruction. Godly Play is a creative method of teaching young children the art of religious language and developing in them an awareness of God's presence. Learn more about Godly Play at St. John's.

Religion Class

Middle School students are required to take a religion class before graduation. In that class, they explore biblical content, themes, history and ethics.

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