Middle School Students Honored with Penguin Award

penguin award logo


At St. John's, we guide students to discover a passion for learning and for life, teaching compassion, creativity, exploration and collaboration. We are dedicated to supporting the growth of our students throughout their time with us. But growth is not necessarily linear, predictable or pretty; it includes challenge and struggle; nor does it necessarily receive a grade of "A." Growth is often the result of trying something new, giving extraordinary effort, and acting with an attitude of discovery.

To recognize these traits in our Middle School students, we have adopted the Penguin Award. The recipients have shown they are willing to plunge into a new project, topic, subject, assignment or area of study. Through their actions, they have been an inspiration to others, and they have demonstrated qualities we value in our graduates, such as tenacity, resiliency, optimism and genuine curiosity. All “penguins” were honored in chapel in January.

We proudly recognize the following Middle School students:
    Fifth grade
    Sawyer Beck
    Hayden Elliott

    Sixth grade
    Max Blumenthal
    Samantha Smith
    Seventh grade
    Elisa Carroll
    Carter Trupiano

    Eighth grade
    Stella Foreman
    Reese Duncan