Emergency Procedures

Mayor Leppert with students

For the safety of St. John's Episcopal School students, the school has in place the emergency procedures listed below.


In the event of weather-related or other emergency events, parents will be notified by telephone and email via Send Word Now, an emergency notification service. Notification will be sent to the parent contact phone numbers—home, office, mobile—and email addresses on file with the school. It is important in such situations for parents to refrain from coming to the school until notified to do so.

Administrators and grade-level teachers use Nextel walkie-talkies to facilitate communication across the campus at all times.


Depending on the emergency situation, students will be kept on campus or at an off-site evacuation center until parents can safely arrive. Our evacuation center is Dallas Academy, located at the corner of Buckner Blvd. and Tiffany Way.

Procedures are in place in the event of fire, tornado or lockdown situations. All areas of the school have posted evacuation maps. We complete mandatory monthly, timed fire drills, as well as evacuation and tornado drills.

First Aid

All faculty and staff members are trained in CPR/AED and First Aid. There are two defibrillators located on campus. First aid kits are located at specified areas throughout the school, and we keep emergency rations on campus.


An injured child will be transported to the most appropriate hospital based on the injury or, if the parent can be reached, the discretion of the parent/guardian.