Carnival Activities

Carnival photo

Grab your cowboy hat and mosey on over to the St. John’s Carnival! This ain’t our first rodeo and once again, this will be a day filled with something for everyone. Are you ready to take a spin in the Texas Tumbleweed hamster balls or speed across the pasture on the Pony Express zip line? And everyone will be kickin’ up their heels to some country tunes at the Hoedown.

You’ll want to enjoy some of our fabulous Chuckwagon Choices or try some home-cooked vittles in the OK Corral tailgate area. Long days on the prairie can be hot, so cool off with a beverage from the Watering Hole.


Grab yer pardner and boot scoot your way on over to the Hoedown Stage for some line dancing and two steppin’. We’ll have a live band to close out our day of country western fun!

6th Annual St. John’s Tailgate BBQ Competition

Both gold and blue wristbands will get you entry into the OK Corral tailgate area. Enjoy secret recipes and family favorites from St. John’s own barbecue cowboys. Do you think you can show some Western swagger in the barbecue pit? Then sign up to enter your home cooked vittles and be the lone star of the competition!

Midway Games

Whoa Nelly! We’ve got games to keep all the little buckaroos busy trying their luck on the midway. Try your hand at the Cowpoke Ring Toss. Wranglers will want to give it their best shot at an old fashioned game of horseshoes. Think you have what it takes to rope and ride? Get ready to throw the lasso and win a prize!

Texas Tumbleweed Hamster Balls

Head out west where the wind blows those tumbleweeds down the range! Jump in a hamster ball and blaze a trail to the finish line.

Lone Star Bungee Jump

Yee-haw! You’ll be able to look out over the pasture when you take a ride on the Lone Star Bungee Jump. Catch some air on our four station bungee / trampoline! (Ages five and up)

Pony Express Zip Line

Take a ride on the Pony Express as you fly across the pasture on the zip line! (Ages five and up)

The Barnyard

Little buckaroos will enjoy getting up close and personal with a few of their barnyard friends.

Bucking Bronco Bounce Houses

Bounce away like you’re on a bull at the rodeo in one of the bounce houses. We’ve got one for little buckaroos (six and under) and one for cowboys (six and up) so all can have a safe and good time!

Gold Rush Obstacle Course

These boots are made for walking…or running through the Gold Rush obstacle course! Come experience the latest and greatest in obstacle courses. This challenge mirrors the excitement of a bucking bronco, so get ready for twisting turns, mountain climbing and be prepared to zip down the other side. With two rock climbs and two slides, it’s crazy cowboy fun!

Medicine Man Mash Tent

A day at the ranch can be hard work and doesn’t come without injuries! Got a bite from that snake on the prairie? Or a cut from that silver spur on your boot? We’ve got you covered at the Medicine Man tent. Wranglers and mavericks can bandage themselves and each other until the cows come home.

Sand Art

Take home a memento from Round Up with a sand art souvenir.

Silly String Rodeo

Lasso a friend in the St. John’s rodeo arena with silly string.

Airbrush Tattoos

Our tattoo artists will be quick on the draw with their air brush tattoos. Here’s your chance to get your favorite design as a remembrance you can wear home.

St John’s Ranch Animal Hospital

It takes a lot of animals to keep this ranch running. Adopt an animal friend and tend to their needs in our animal hospital.

Photo Booth

Round up your posse and pile in the photo booth to create a keepsake memory.

Mr. Donavan Cowboy Games

Our favorite Cowboy Donavan is back again with some rootin’ tootin’ fun games for all.


Try your hand at some different kinds of wood choppin’ with some great karate cowboys!

Home Depot Craft Booth

Mosey on over for a craft sponsored by the great mavericks at Home Depot.